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"Speequal Language Translation"

What is SpeeQual?

If you need qualified vendor for your translation needs to localize your documents in Asia, SpeeQual Indonesia is the right answer to fulfil your needs!

We help you reach Asian market in sophisticated way by providing high quality translation and Desktop Publishing works for your documentation translations. We have well-known track record in handling the translation of these following documents, product catalogues, owner's and service manuals, electronics.


Why Choose Our Services?

  1. Equipped with a fully networked, high powered computer system for optimal data processing.
  2. Qualified teams of specialists with proven translation skill and experience.
  3. Able to handle large volumes in reasonable time frame due to advanced technology, professional planning, and wide ranging resources.
  4. Cost and time-effective due to the use of highly efficient translation memory software.
  5. More than 12 year experiences in handling the translation and desktop publishing works of technical documentation.
  6. Fast turnaround and competitive prices.